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Common Areas Trees


A tree assessment of all green belts, critical areas, and NGPA is performed at least once a year by the Association to review the health and conditions of trees located near homes. 

The inspection is done by a licensed professional and the Board of Directors review the recommendation each year..

Status: Completed

In 2021, following the storm that impacted the Association in January, a new tree assessment was completed by 2 different companies.


At the April Board meeting, the Board approved the proposal from Monarch Services to mitigate approx 190 trees in the greenbelts, critical areas, and NGPA to protect homes.


Mitigation may include removal of trees, wildlife snag,or removal of dead/hazardous branches.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 11.33.40

2021 Mitigation Map




In 2020, a tree assessment of all green belts and NGPA of the Association was performed. The following was performed in 2020.

  • ​455 trees received general tree care (including pruning, crown thining, structural pruning, weight reduction).

  • 166 trees received Plant health care such as treatment and injection in order to protect the trees.

  • 39 trees were removed or snagged.

  • President - Richard Hagemeyer - Term ending in 2024
    Many of you know me through my passion for fireworks, and I've enjoyed being able to light up the sky every July 4th as part of Family Fun Day. I've been a resident of Redmond Ridge East for 11 years. From the very beginning I was attending the HOA board meetings, long before I was ever a member. It started as a way to be informed, but grew to be much more as I became the first homeowner on the board (once enough homes were built).
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Reiss - Term ending in 2023
    "Having resided in the Redmond Ridge area since first moving to Washington State in 2002, we have seen abundant and rapid growth in our community. This growth brings both opportunity and challenges. Prior to moving from Redmond Ridge to RRE, I served as both a member and Director of the Compass Pointe Condo Association from 2005-2013. I have also served in multiple roles on numerous boards and committees as a faculty member and administrator within several academic institutions as well. I am currently a professor at WSU where I am in ""stealth mode"" working on building new experiential learning programs in the Department of Innovation and Research Engagement and teach as an adjunct faculty in several academic departments.
  • Secretary - Sam Sarmast - Term ending in 2023
    I am an electrical engineer currently working on next generation technology research. I also enjoy yard work and activities with my family.
  • Vice-President - Daniel Takacs - Term ending in 2024
    I lived in Redmond Ridge area since 2002, 7 in Redmond Ridge, and rest in Redmond Ridge East. Redmond Ridge East is great community and I want to do what I can to help keep it a great community. Preserving the values of our homes and supporting a safe and family-oriented community. I served on the Redmond Ridge board since 2019. I strive to represent our membership by holding vendor companies accountable, setting us up for success, creating visibility into the problems at hand and holding our association accountable to get them addressed.
  • Director - Varsha Dighe - Term ending in 2023
    Being the very first resident in RRE Brighton, I feel a special bond with our neighborhood! We are a scout family, enthusiastic about serving the community. I have volunteered in our son's schools, fund raisers, cultural orgs, fighting against propositions impacting our community (marijuana/adult entertainment). I serve as a change advocate at my workplace. Looking for an opportunity to serve as a board member to bring in fresh energy and perspective to make our community safer and better!
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