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The Board of Directors is looking for homeowners that would be interested in serving on committees to improve the community and homeowners' engagement. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to be involved in the life of the Association and participate in improving the Association. 

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the committees, please complete and submit the volunteer form below. 

The Board of Directors is looking to create the following committees:

  • Architectural Review Committee: the Architectural Review Committee will review the application for exterior modifications (such as exterior painting, landscaping improvements, deck, etc.) submitted by homeowners of the community and approve them through the management portal. In addition, the Committee can propose to the Board of Directors potential changes to the Architectural Guidelines to improve the community standards or the application process itself.

  • Neighborhood Watch: With the increase of graffiti and vandalism in the community, the Board of Directors is asking if homeowners are interested in leading and organizing a Neighborhood Watch. More information about what is a Neighborhood Watch can be found online at 

  • Events Committee: the event committee will be responsible for creating, organizing, and coordinating events for the community.

Committee Volunter Form
Which committee(s) are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!

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