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Bristol Park Rental Information

Please review the rules and regulations listed below. Submitting a rental request implies that you have read the rules and regulations and that you will abide by them. 


Reservations for the same day are not accepted. Please submit your reservation request 4 business days prior to the requested date. Events shall not have more than 35 guests.


Rental form
Rules and regulations
  • President - Daniel Takacs - Term ending in 2024
    I lived in Redmond Ridge area since 2002, 7 in Redmond Ridge, and rest in Redmond Ridge East. Redmond Ridge East is great community and I want to do what I can to help keep it a great community. Preserving the values of our homes and supporting a safe and family-oriented community. I served on the Redmond Ridge board since 2019. I strive to represent our membership by holding vendor companies accountable, setting us up for success, creating visibility into the problems at hand and holding our association accountable to get them addressed.
  • Vice-President - Richard Hagemeyer - Term ending in 2024
    Many of you know me through my passion for fireworks, and I've enjoyed being able to light up the sky every July 4th as part of Family Fun Day. I've been a resident of Redmond Ridge East for 11 years. From the very beginning I was attending the HOA board meetings, long before I was ever a member. It started as a way to be informed, but grew to be much more as I became the first homeowner on the board (once enough homes were built).
  • Secretary - Sam Sarmast - Term ending in 2025
    I am an electrical engineer currently working on next generation technology research. I also enjoy yard work and activities with my family.
  • Director - Varsha Dighe - Term ending in 2025
    Being the very first resident in RRE Brighton, I feel a special bond with our neighborhood! We are a scout family, enthusiastic about serving the community. I have volunteered in our son's schools, fund raisers, cultural orgs, fighting against propositions impacting our community (marijuana/adult entertainment). I serve as a change advocate at my workplace. Looking for an opportunity to serve as a board member to bring in fresh energy and perspective to make our community safer and better!
  • Board Member - Vaibhav Bora - Term ending in 202
    "I have been in this community for 5 years and love it here! I work at Microsoft and have a PhD from UofA. After last year’s snowstorms, I collaborated with residents & RRHOA for snow removal and reached out to Sarah Perry to escalate our concerns to King County. After evaluating options, we requested higher priority for some RRE streets, awaiting King County’s decision. If elected, I intend to work to bring back more community events and increase community engagement and transparency in our HOA".
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