Bristol Park Rental Information

Please review the rules and regulations listed below. Submitting a rental request implies that you have read the rules and regulations and that you will abide by them. 


For all events, homeowners should follow local, State, Federal, and CDC guidelines for social events and outdoor gatherings.


High-touch/frequently touched surfaces are not cleaned by the Association. Homeowners and their guests assume all risks when using the shelter.



Rules and Regulations

HOA Member must be in good standing.

Any member applicant must be a member in good standing with the Redmond Ridge East H.O.A. All dues and fees must be current.

All applicants must be at least 21 years

All applicants must be at least 21 years of age to rent the facilities, and must be present at the full length of the function, and will be responsible for adherence to all rules and regulations.

Time slots

Due to the popularity of the picnic shelter for member’s private use, time slots have been established to allow the structure to be available for more than one family per day. See below for time slots available.

Reservation in advance & hold

The picnic shelter and/or softball field may be reserved three (3) months in advance, and reservations are made on a first come first serve basis except for association functions or meetings. Residents may put an available date on hold for 7 days. During these seven days, the rental contract, rental fees, and deposit must be turned in. If these are not received within seven days, the date will be taken off hold and made available to another resident.

Non-exclusive use to Bristol Park.

This rental is not for the exclusive use of Bristol Park in its entirety. Other members of the community at large are allowed to use the other amenities within, such as, the play structure equipment, lawn areas and softball field (if not reserved for use) within Bristol Park during a rental period/event.

End of events

All events must end by 10:00pm

King County noise

King County noise ordinance 9.05.480 to be followed at all times

Smoking Prohibited

Smoking within the Picnic Shelter is prohibited at all times.

Cleaning & Damage Policy

Cleaning/Damage Policy: Applicant hereby agrees to be responsible for cleaning up the Picnic Shelter, including the metal cabinet countertop, picnic shelter as a whole, and all outdoor area affected by the rental party immediately following the activity, and thereby leaving the property clean. Hence, the picnic shelter must be swept, mopped (if needed), trash cans emptied and hauled away, and all liter and debris must be removed from the premises. *If the picnic shelter is cleaned well and back to its original state, the deposit will be given back the following day after a post-walkthrough has been completed. NOTE: Residents will have the opportunity to meet at the picnic shelter the morning after the party at 10:00 AM. *If damage occurs or if the picnic shelter or softball field is not cleaned, as set forth above, the cost of such cleaning and repair will be deducted from the security deposit. o *If the cost of clean-up and repair to the Picnic Shelter and/or Softball field exceeds the amount of the original deposit, the applicant agrees to pay the additional cost for said repairs and cleaning

Decoration policy

Decoration Policy: Any decoration used during the rental period must be temporary in nature and must not mar the building surfaces. Scotch or painters tape is allowed on walls/stone pillars if done reasonably and applied temporally. The use of harder tape, nails, staples, or tacks on the structure will result in a portion of the deposit being withheld.


All keys (if given) are to be returned to the Manager the following morning by 10:00AM. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

Lights, Electrical Outlets & Water hose Bib

Before leaving for the night all lights, electrical outlets and water hose bib must be turned off and pad locked.

Use prohibited by law

Applicant hereby agrees not to use, occupy or permit the use or occupancy of the picnic shelter for any purpose which is directly or indirectly forbidden by law, ordinance, order and governmental and municipal regulations which may be dangerous to life, limb or property. In particular, the applicant must adhere to all state and liquor laws.


Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify and save the Association harmless from all claims of injury including death to persons or from damage to property which arises from any act or omission by the applicants, its guest and invites, or any third party where acts of omissions occur while the permission is in effect in or about the subject premises including cost and expenses of defending against any such claims regardless of any negligence, in whole or part of the association. Applicant (resident or organization) must provide copy of insurance policy to confirm liability coverage and have the vendor add RRE HOA as additional insured on his insurance, if they choose to hire a vendor

Use at own risk

Applicant agrees to use and occupy the subject premises and all areas appertaining thereto, at its own risk and hereby releases Redmond Ridge East HOA, its Directors, Officers, agents and employees from all claims of any damage, theft of injury to persons including death or property damage regardless of any negligence, in whole or

Use by developer

Please note that East Ridge Homes, LLC as the master developer of Redmond Ridge East HOA’s Restrictive Covenants reserves the right to use the picnic shelter for its own marketing and development activities, in its sole discretion. Such master developer is exempt from the payment of any fees for such use and is further exempt from any rules when conducting such activities. Similarly, the Board of Directors of the Redmond Ridge East Homeowners Association, Inc. also reserve the right to use the picnic shelter and/or softball field for their respective activities, being exempt from the payment of any fees and being exempt from any rules.