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Maintaining your home and front yard is crucial in the Redmond Ridge East HOA for several reasons. A well-kept property not only enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of your own home but also contributes to the overall beauty and harmony of our community. Consistent maintenance ensures a safe, welcoming, and pleasant environment for all residents and helps prevent potential conflicts among neighbors. Moreover, adhering to the HOA's rules and regulations fosters a sense of pride and responsibility, creating a cohesive and attractive neighborhood that everyone can enjoy and be proud to call home.


Compliance Inspection

Compliance inspections are routine checks conducted by the HOA to ensure all properties adhere to community standards and maintain their appeal. These inspections take place monthly, focusing on key aspects such as lawn care, exterior home condition, and overall yard maintenance.


The goal of the management company is not to act as the "HOA police" but to preserve the attractiveness and well-being of the neighborhood. By upholding these standards, we strive to create a pleasant and harmonious environment for all residents.

Inspection Checklist

Top 10 Items on our checklist

  1. Lawn Maintenance

  2. Bushes and trees

  3. Planter Strips

  4. Storage Restrictions

  5. Trash Containers

  6. Roof & Gutters

  7. Significant wear & tear (broken windows, very faded paint, peeling paint)

  8. Basketball hoops blocking sidewalks

  9. Unsightly Conditions or Nuisances

  10. Debris / Litter

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