Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is comprised of five volunteer residents of the Redmond Ridge East HOA.  Day-to-day management and support for the Association and Board of Directors is provided by Navigate Community Management, a local management firm dedicated to the management of community associations. 


Composition of the Board of Directors

Treasurer - Daniel Takacs - Term ending in 2020

"I have a Batchelor in Math with minor in Computer Science. Worked in the tech industry for the last 20 years initially at Microsoft and now at Salesforce. I lead multiple projects / teams and learned a lot on the way."

President - John Towers - Term ending in 2021

I have been a practicing Chiropractor in the community for 10 years (Graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006). I have a wife and 3 young boys, one of which attends Ella Baker Elementary. I am the founder of Redmond Ridge Soccer Academy. I am also a board member for Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association. I have been a soccer official for over 20 years (youth, college, and professional). My passion in life is all about family and community engagement. The closer we are as a community, the safer our homes and families will be throughout. I look forward to continuing my service in many areas of the community.

Director - Sam Sarmast - Term ending in 2021

I am an electrical engineer currently working on next generation technology research. I also enjoy yard work and activities with my family.

Director - Tiffany Reiss - Term ending in 2021

"Having resided in the Redmond Ridge area since first moving to Washington State in 2002, we have seen abundant and rapid growth in our community. This growth brings both opportunity and challenges. Prior to moving from Redmond Ridge to RRE, I served as both a member and Director of the Compass Pointe Condo Association from 2005-2013. I have also served in multiple roles on numerous boards and committees as a faculty member and administrator within several academic institutions as well. I am currently a professor at WSU where I am in ""stealth mode"" working on building new experiential learning programs in the Department of Innovation and Research Engagement and teach as an adjunct faculty in several academic departments.

Vice-President - Richard Hagemeyer - Term ending in 2021

Many of you know me through my passion for fireworks, and I've enjoyed being able to light up the sky every July 4th as part of Family Fun Day. I've been a resident of Redmond Ridge East for 11 years. From the very beginning I was attending the HOA board meetings, long before I was ever a member. It started as a way to be informed, but grew to be much more as I became the first homeowner on the board (once enough homes were built).


Board meetings

Board meetings are held monthly via conference call (audio/video). Registration is required, please contact our office by email to get a copy of the link to register. 

Frequency: Monthly (Board meetings are subject to cancelation without notice).

Time: 7pm

Date: 4th Tuesday of the month:

  • January 28th

  • February 25th

  • March 24th

  • April 82th

  • May 26th

  • June 23rd

  • July 28th

  • August 25th

  • September 22nd

  • October 27th 

  • November 24th 

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